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Tips for preparing for a Newborn Session

Congratulations! You've scheduled your newborn session with Ashley Rogers Photography, now what? Here I will share with you some tips and suggestions for preparing for your new bundle of joy's photo shoot.

1. Give baby a bath or sponge bath if he or she hasn't lost their umbilical cord yet. This will help baby relax ensure that all those little baby rolls are squeaky clean. Be sure to use baby lotion if their skin is dry and flaky.

2. Plan on feeding baby right before you leave home, or right when you arrive at my studio. Also make sure to bring extra milk or formula if you are bottle feeding. I have a comfy rocker for you to relax and feed baby, and I always ensure that you have plenty of time to feed and soothe your little one. (This is one of the reasons that newborn sessions can take up to 4 hours. Tiny babies eat a LOT in the first couple weeks!) Also bring a pacifier if you use one, they come in really handy while I pose baby.

3. If you are bringing siblings, try to arrange for someone to pick them up when they are finished. Other children may get bored or frustrated if they have to wait while I am photographing baby. I try to get the sibling shots done first, so big bro and sis can leave with a Grandparent or Dad. If childcare is not available, that's okay! They are welcome to watch or quietly play. Please let me know ahead of time so I can make sure they have a comfy spot to hang out.

4. Bring snacks! You will most likely be here for a few hours, so make sure to pack something to eat and drink. If you are nursing, you will generally need to eat 500 extra calories a day, so you will probably be hungry while you're here. It is also very warm in my studio, so I suggest bringing water or a cold beverage.

5. I keep my studio very warm, because I photograph babies in their birthday suit. I always suggest that parents dress in removable layers and bring an extra change of clothes. Messes happen frequently, so please don't be alarmed if your little one messes on my fabric or props. I am prepared with towels and wipes and everything I use is washable. I wash everything baby touches after the session, regardless if it's "dirty" or not.

6. I recommend that parents and siblings wear neutral colors, without large patterns or logos. Patterns can be distracting and take the focus from the baby. Bright colors can cause color casts (reflecting the color onto the skin). If you need help choosing an outfit, please don't hesitate to ask! I also have some maternity gowns that look really pretty and forgiving on postpartum Moms. I will generally photograph you from the chest up only, so just dress comfortably.

7. You don't need to bring any props or outfits for baby, unless you have something specific that you would like me to incorporate. Please let me know ahead of time and send me a snapshot of the item if you can. And do let me know if you have any specific colors that you would like me to use. I try to plan the session ahead of time, but you are free to look at my props and outfits and let me know if there is something that you would like me to use.

8. Dress baby in just a diaper if it is warm, or something that can be taken off easily. That way, if baby falls asleep in their car seat we can try to get started right away without disturbing their nap. We want baby to be nice and sleepy, so I can safely pose them without squirming or flailing arms. If baby is awake I will most likely wrap them to keep them still. We can get some really cute shots of baby if they are awake, so don't stress if baby doesn't want to sleep right away. Some babies are very curious and aware of their surroundings right from the start! Sometimes it takes a while for them to fall asleep, but I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.

I think that about covers my prep for a newborn photo session. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions please leave a comment or contact me before your session.

If you haven't scheduled your photo session yet, please visit the contact and booking page and send me an inquiry. I would love to talk to you and plan your baby's first photo shoot! I photograph newborns from all over Western Massachusetts. I am convenient to Amherst MA, Northampton MA, Springfield MA, Brattleboro VT, Worcester MA, Hartford CT, Keene NH, Boston MA, and many more locations. I am also willig to travel all over New England (travel fee applies.)

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