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Beautiful Studio Maternity Session

Maternity Photography Western MA

Over the weekend I worked with an amazing model for some beautiful Maternity Photos. I love having a vision in my mind and seeing it come to life in my camera and on my screen. My model Kaity was 40 weeks pregnant with her 4th child, and looked AMAZING! I am so thankful that she responded to my model call and that we were able to schedule something last minute!

Maternity Photographer in Western Massachusetts
Western Mass Maternity Photographer

She was great to work with, stunningly beautiful, and her tattoos really added an interesting look to the photos. Thanks again Kaity!

Western Mass Pregnancy Pictures

After our back-lit studio shots, we tried a maternity milk bath. I filled the tub with warm, milky water and some bright flowers and Kaity got right in with the lace dress on.

Greenfield, MA Maternity Photographer

The way that the water surrounds her, outlining her beautiful baby bump and curves is so pretty! What a beautiful tribute to the growing life inside, which has also been surrounded in warm water for 9 months. Water can also be therapeutic for Mom, who can just lay back and float while I photograph her.

maternity milk bath photos western ma
Pregnancy Photographer in Western Ma

I would love to do more of these sessions again. If you are expecting a baby and are interested in a Maternity or a Milk Bath session, be sure to contact me! I also have some more Maternity gowns on the way, so if you'd like to see more, subscribe to my newsletter or follow my facebook and instagram.

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